Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Journey of Acknowledging Purpose


I’ve had the luxury of going around and talking to people about their purpose and it’s interesting to see how people respond to questions and statements about it. I’ve realized that sometimes purpose can be an intimidating factor. It may happen because the word, purpose, triggers a lot; for some it’s lost dreams, not identifying their own purpose or even the fear of possibilities to deter it creeps in. But what people must understand is that everyone has a purpose and it was here before you got here. True purpose resonates in your soul because that’s its point of origin.

Allow me to encourage you to look within yourself, to look within your soul to find your purpose. You don’t get to choose your purpose, because it was already chosen and what you were created to perform. You’ll most often find your purpose within your gifts, talents and abilities, so take a few moments and list out ten things that you really like to do. After you list those ten things, prioritize them from 10 to 1, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. What you’ll begin to realize by prioritizing the list of specifics gifts and talents, is that there’s a trend or some things may link together. This is a helpful strategy because your gifts can point you towards your ultimate purpose.

Finding your purpose is about considering yourself. Most people try and find it outside of themselves but it’s housed within you and it’s up to you to open the door and let purpose out. Don’t worry about what didn’t happen or how life may have gotten away from you. I know it can be challenging in this circumstance but you must come face to face with it and acknowledge it. Otherwise, no matter what you are doing you are being purposeless to your soul.

Make up in your mind that you’re going to pursue your worth.

Because you were worth it when purpose was placed inside.  

HOW REAL IS FEAR? However real you make it!


Opposition exists all around us, if we allow it. I say that because YOU are the common factor everywhere you go. Your own way of thinking can be the greatest challenge in overcoming opposition. We must realize that our mind is the CPU, sending the signals to the rest of the body, those signals dictating what the mind perceives as truth. Cultivating a positive mindset is essential to your success, it starts and ends with YOU.

It is important to realize that also external opponents to your positive mindset. Often, some of the greatest influences to our mind, are the people we hang around. Sometimes, we aren’t in a situation to change our friends overnight but let me suggest a great place to start. Learning to cut down and eventually eliminate negative comments stated by family and friends is essential. You must be aware that even some people who mean you the greatest help can be a hindrance.

Most times we simply pick up bad advice from people who never did what we are doing. One of the greatest warnings that you’ll receive from friends and family is to avoid risk. I want to bring the following awareness, in order to be successful in anything, you must be willing to take a risk. We don’t have the luxury of being a divine entity, meaning we do not know the end of a thing when it starts. Because we don’t know the outcome, the risk exists, and we must be willing to explore the result if we are to discover, if success lies in our pursuit.

The problem with the risk warning also arises because it creates fear. Fear prohibits us with finding our actual purpose. If we allow fear to cripple us we will never go beyond identifying our purpose. Sadly, many have allowed it to stop the awareness of purpose all together. What we must realize and remember is, the commonly used acronym for fear: false evidence appearing real. Your purpose is more important than the false evidence that appears to be real. Again, changing your mindset, changing the input to your CPU allows for greater vision. Fear blocks greater vision with evidence that skews your reality.

The challenge lies in your mind, will you make the decision to actively overcome opposition?

Destiny and purpose are waiting. Choose wisely.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Annette Rivers

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